Thursday, August 27, 2015

Oh, Hell No. Cross Stitch

You hear that?

My inner sass is trying to get out again.

Demented and Sad Cross Stitch

My dad is a huge Breakfast Club fan and this has to be one of his favorite (among many others) lines from the movie. So, dad, if you ever visit my site, this is for you!

Accio Pizza Cross Stitch

Hey everybody! It's been a hectic summer but I recently found out that I miss cross stitching. In an effort to rekindle my old flame I searched high and low for decent cross stitch patterns for free but apparently it really is too much to ask. So here's my first free pattern to all of you, and be sure to expect many more!

PS: May have had a Harry Potter geek-out, so bare with me on this one.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

See-Saw Scarf

I love having color in my life when it hits fall time. I know most people think of fiery oranges, deep shades of brown, and vampire red. I tend to hold on to a cheery disposition amidst the almost solemn outerwear fall brings, so I made the See-Saw Scarf. It allows me to keep a bright outfit but stay bold when that wonderful chill of autumn comes around.

What you need:

  • Size 5.00mm/ H-8 for tighter stitches (what I used) or 5.5mm/I-9 for looser stitches (good for areas where it can be kind of warm in September/ October)
  • Three colors of Aran weight yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft, which says it's worsted, but come on, there's no way), preferably in three different shades ranging from dark to medium to light
  • A way to count your rows
Color A: Dark
Color B: Medium
Color C: Light


Using A, chain 30

1. Starting in second ch, dc across.
2-14. Ch 2. Dc across. (14 rows)

Switch to B

15-28. Ch 2. Dc across. (14 rows)

Switch to C

29-42. Ch 2. Dc across. (14 rows)

Switch to A

42-53. Ch 2. Dc across. (12 rows)

Switch to B

54-65. Ch 2. Dc across. (12 rows)

Switch to C

66-77. Ch 2. Dc across. (12 rows)

Switch to A

78-87. Ch 2. Dc across. (10 rows)

Switch to B

88-97. Ch 2. Dc across. (10 rows)

Switch to C

98-107. Ch 2. Dc across. (10 rows)

Switch to A

108-115. Ch 2. Dc across. (8 rows)

Switch to B

116-123. Ch 2. Dc across. (8 rows)

Switch to C

124-131. Ch 2. Dc across. (8 rows)

Switch to A

Single crochet around the entire scarf twice. Fasten off. Weave in loose ends.

(Optional) If you would like to make your scarf even longer you can always start with 16 or 18 rows and/or end with 4 and 2 rows of each color.

Granny Square Clutch

After seeing another somewhat like it, I was inclined to create my own. The instructions are rather simple and all you need to know is how to make granny squares and how to sew. I used a sewing machine which really made for a tighter fit and it came out great.

You will need:

  • Worsted weight yarn in various colors, preferably cotton (I used the standard Lily's Sugar 'n Cream)
  • 5.5mm/I-9 hook
  • Fabric to line the inside (a fat quarter is perfect)
  • A sewing machine or a steady, patient hand


  1. Refer to the pictures throughout, as it shows exactly what needs to be done and is quite self-explanatory.
  2. Make 12 two-round granny squares.
  3. Make 2 panels with 3 squares on top and 3 on the bottom.
  4. Join the two panels along one of the long sides only. This will be your bottom.
  5. Measure out your fabric from one long end to the other long end. It should be the length of four squares and the width of three. Allow at least 3/4 in on either side to account for sewing.
  6. Join the short edges of the squares together to create the outside of the pouch.
  7. Join the two sides of the fabric together to create the inside of the pouch.
  8. Lay the inside of the pouch in the outside of the pouch. Sew around the top edge in a continuous round until you reach back to your start point. 
  9. Done! Enjoy it! You can add in a zipper if you like but I felt that it was perfect to just lay in my purse and hold on to some makeup. Bonus points because you can easily change out the inner fabric if it gets dirty from makeup or dirty money!

Bulky Cable Pillow

This may just be the fluffiest, softest, most all-around best pillow I have ever made. Jake has been cuddling it every night. I figure if it can make a 28 year old man swoon then it could make my fellow knitters just as happy! Enjoy!

You will need:

  • 15/ 10mm needles
  • Super bulky weight yarn (I used Belle by Stitch Studio in Smoky Grey - I would highly recommend this yarn, as it was definitely the most bang for your buck in terms of bulky weight yarn in a large skein - I didn't even use the whole thing!)
  • Stitch holder for ribbing
  • Tapestry needle or crochet hook, depending on your style of stitching panels together

Special Terms:

  • Ribbing right: place 3 on holder, place behind project, knit next 3, knit 3 on holder
  • Ribbing left: place 3 on holder, place in front of project, knit next 3, knit 3 on holder

Front Panel:

CO 37

1. K across
2. P across
3. K across
4. P across
5. K 10. Ribbing right. K 5. Ribbing left.
6. P across
7. K across
8. P across
9. K across
10. P across
11. Repeat row 5
12. P across
13. K across
14. P across
15. K across
16. P across
17. Repeat row 5
18. P across
19. K across
20. P across
21. K across
22. P across
23. Repeat row 5
24. P across
25. K across
26. P across
27. K across
28. P across
29. Repeat row 5
30. P across
31. K across
32. P across
33. K across
34. P across
35. Repeat row 5
36. P across
37. K across
38. P across
39. K across

Bind off loosely.

Back panel:

CO 37

Work in stst for 38 rows. Knit one more row. Bind off loosely.

Join both panels together by sewing or crocheting three of the four edges to each other. This leaves room for stuffing the pillow. Turn it inside out, fill it with your desired amount of fluff, and sew or crochet it together along the last open edge.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Recent Book Update

Hello again, everybody! Just a quick touch-down with all of you. I've been working with In-Design recently and really honing my skills in terms of writing as well as - gasp - illustrating! Due to plagiarism and the rampant community of jerks who unfortunately scour blogs like these looking for things and ideas to steal, I will not be releasing any solid information about it.

With two books now in the making, I am looking forward to what the future brings. I want to thank all of my dedicated readers and followers for all of your support and emails! Thank you, thank you, thank you!